Police Canine Training Academy

Bullocks K-9 Kennel’s Police Canine Training Academy will provide a handler with the knowledge necessary to help a police canine perform while on duty. Since 1989, our goal has been to not only instruct and train canines and their police canine handlers, but to train others when the course is completed.

Police Canine Training Academy

Throughout each course, we train individuals on modern training techniques and on how to maintain a safe, effective and professional K-9 environment. Mike Bullock and his expert staff are committed to intensive hands-on training, guiding you through all facets of a police canine training academy. This course is tailored to fit the needs of the police canine handler.

Police Canine Training Academy For Canine Handler

The professional K-9 Training course will include certification upon completion.

Training will include, as requested:

  • Advanced Trainer Courses (obedience, protection, detection and SAR)
  • Detection Dog Trainer
  • Obedience Trainer (including behavior modification)
  • Police K9 Handler Courses
  • Police K9 Instructor
  • Protection Trainer & Decoy
  • SAR Trainer

Police Canine Training Academy

Ideal for police canine handlers and military personnel, we understand the exact specifications required for the safest canine obedience training. Throughout our courses, we offer the opportunity to explore the many aspects a K-9 can bring to situations involving law enforcement.

The Bullock K-9 Academy courses review every aspect involved in selecting, training and maintaining a law enforcement or federal agency K-9.

2 Week Course: This shortened program includes canine obedience and behavior modification, plus the opportunity to explore an elective.

4 Week Course: Our monthly course includes training in obedience and behavior, in addition to green dog selection. This course also allows for training in police and SAR tracking and an introduction to odor detection.

6 Week Course: This includes everything listed in the 2 week and 4 week course plus Advanced Odor Detection (Narcotics/Explosive), Advanced Decoy, Police K-9 Selection/Testing.

10 Week Course includes complete K-9 training plus refresher/update training for 1 week (40 hrs) for three years.

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Bullocks K-9 Academy  is a professional canine trainer’s academy committed to preparing individuals to enter the industry of professional dog training. The Trainer’s School is a division of Bullock’s Canine Service and is conveniently located 85 miles east of Raleigh, in Greenville NC. We are a behavior modification, pet obedience, police K9 training and K-9 instructor’s center.

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