Personal Protection Dog

There is nothing more valuable in this lifetime than your health and your safety.  Your personal safety and the safety of your family and loved ones must be dealt with proactively and the professionals at Bullock’s K-9 are here to support you in your efforts to keep them safe.

The professionally trained Personal Protection Dog from Bullock’s K-9 are an invaluable tool in your total plan to mitigate your safety risks.  For over 25 years, Bullocks K9 has provided law enforcement agencies, organizations and private owners with high-level security protection dogs.

Personal Protection Dog

Our specialty dogs which are brought in from select breeders and trainers in Europe, go through an intensive, custom-designed training program by expert handlers and trainers that focus on what’s needed for your unique personal situation.  Each dog is evaluated extensively and selected based on their characteristics and personality to match your current needs and the level of risk that you are currently managing.

The dogs go through preliminary training for almost a year prior to arriving in the US.  After a rigorous selection process, only those dogs that meet our requirements are selected to enter a program which gives them several months of advanced training by experts to respond to real world realistic risk situations where the dogs are the first line of defense and the first intervention to protect the owner and the owner’s family.

Our training prepares a dog to respond anywhere and anytime to a potential threat including home invasion which is the most common threat today.

Personal Protection Dog For Home Safety

Our Professional Protection Dogs are taught to respond to threats as they begin to develop and often the threat is stopped before it can develop or avoided altogether.  A highly trained professionally trained protection dog is a significant deterrent to would be criminals.  This avoidance of aggressive threats is just as important as the dog’s ability to manage the violent threat once engaged.

The Professional Protection Dog Program includes complete house training and home manners. We use a proven Off Leash Obedience Program that is not just e-collar taught commands, it is an obedience through drive system which makes for a more concise training foundation.

Our Professional Protection Dog has the ability to guard any area of your home including stairs and hallways.  The dog will guard and defend you from a six-foot radius or it will guard and defend you right from your side, allowing you the ability to escape or do what is necessary to stay safe.  Your dog will be able to ascertain the threat level of the situation and will respond quickly and accordingly. These dogs are proficient in stopping the most aggressive of would-be threats. The Professional Protection Dog is a home defender without the presence of the owner and will act accordingly to any home intrusion with a release and “turn off.”

In addition, we add to the program complete fighting skills and advanced biting skills (bite anywhere regardless of equipment) and advanced handler protection exercises including the escape route defense which is intended to keep the threat at bay while you or your family retreat to somewhere safe.  Sometimes those precious minutes can be critical and can mean the difference between escape and a tragedy.

Personal Protection DogBullock’s K9 trainers want you to have options as to how your dog is trained to protect you. We also want our dog to fit with your lifestyle and unique living situation.  Our dogs are highly trained security dogs but they are also social and are absolutely an integral part of your family with a heightened sense of defense as found in our police and military trained working dogs.

Bullocks selects only the finest working dogs available. We select your dog from the same dogs we provide for law enforcement and military. Our testing procedures are designed to eliminate inferior sport dogs or dogs that just don’t meet the tough standards we have set to include weak nerves, low drives or dogs with medical conditions.
After investing in a professionally trained personal protection dog, Bullock’s K-9 has a process of teaching you, the new dog owner on how to command the dog, how to integrate the dog into your family and how to care for your new family member.

This could be the most important decision you ever make. Contact Bullock’s K-9 for additional information and to schedule an assessment of your personal security matters. Don’t trust the most important things in the world to anyone else!  Let the experts at Bullock’s K-9 help create your personal safety plan today!

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