Dog Security Consulting Services

Perhaps the most important Security Consulting Services offered by Bullock’s K9 over and above our expertly trained personal protection dogs, is our security consulting and analysis. This is a service we highly recommend for all of our clients that want to purchase a personal protection dog.

Security Consulting Services

After our initial discussion, our experts travel to the customer’s home to perform a physical assessment of the client’s individual security risk situation. We offer various recommendations on various physical security measures and assist you in identifying risks at your home or business location. Additionally, we are able to learn more about your family and your lifestyle which allows our team to get a clear indication on what characteristics must be present to allow our protection dogs to best serve your family.

Understanding the exact conditions in which the dog will be utilized will put us in the best position to make recommendations and match your needs with the dogs that can best serve those needs.  It also allows us to create a custom designed advanced training program for your unique needs.

Security Consulting Services offered by Bullock’s K9 Kennels

Having a personal guard dog will make your home feel safe and secured daily. It’s best to seek professional help when choosing the right dog for this big job, since there are various techniques that must be learned in order for them to perfect their defense instinct.

The personal protection dogs have existed since the Revolution, when noble houses would keep them to shirk off the peasant population. They have however taken real form only since the First World War, when a sense of insecurity was instilled in one and all. Those who give their dogs proper training since they are littered get good value for their pets. Even the seasoned dogs are given daily practice with fire, spears and weapons. They are the closest observers of men and so are dangerous.

Security Consulting ServicesIf you hire protection personnel, you will fork out tones of money. You should not mind spending on your dog. Dogs are carnivorous and so vegetable is not applicable. Generally, it will partake with your leftover, but if you wish to treat it special, treat with bacteria-less beef, chicken, buff, pork, and turkey. Just make it reflexive of the main food in your household, say chicken, by continuously feeding the dog that till it catches up. Start with 1/20th meat of its weight and then increase from there.

This evaluation is done at the client’s expense and we believe that this investment will result in the absolute best fit in the selection of the dog that will become a part of your family.  We believe that this analysis is so critical to the matching process that this security analysis fee will be deducted from the purchase price of any dog you decide to purchase from Bullock’s K9.

Each of our professionally trained dogs also comes with a regular maintenance training package for the first year which is free of charge.  Future maintenance sessions can be negotiated based on individual needs. Remember, our goal is to have happy clients!  We want your protection dog to be the best purchase you ever made. We want your family to be safe and we want to be a part of your success story.

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