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Kenzie Alkinburgh

Certified Master Trainer



1308 Mumford Rd.

Greenville, NC 27834

A Bit About Kenzie

Kenzie has been working around dogs since she was young. Her profound interest in dogs stems from watching her father train his hunting dogs. Kenzie has a BS Degree in Criminal Justice from East Carolina University. In 2021, Kenzie started the Master Trainer Program with Bullocks K9 seeking to capitalize on her natural talent with working K9s, all while gaining more knowledge on training and handling.


Kenzie now works side by side with owner, Mike Bullock, to produce high quality K9s while continuing the legacy of Bullocks K9 by implementing specific techniques. Kenzie is the current decoy for all apprehension K9s that come through Bullocks. Her primary focus in training is Narcotics, Explosives, and Bed Bug Detection. She also focuses on Patrol (Law Enforcement apprehension and evidence recovery) as well as Personal Protection. She trains all non-working K9s that come for the Basic and Advanced Obedience Package at Bullocks K9.

K9 Fiona Obedience Training
Kenzie and K9 Narcotics Detection
K9 Trainer SAR
K9 Trainer Decoy Work

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