About Our Trainers

Mike Bullock

Mike began working dogs as a young boy, competing in field trial hunting dog events as a hobby. In 1984, Mike joined the U.S. Air Force. He went on to March AFB and continued his training knowledge.

He has trained with some of Europe’s finest KNPV, and Schutzhund trainers. He has maintained a DEA registered kennel since 1989. Many states recognize Mike as a court expert in police K-9 training and tactics. CourtTV had Mike as an expert guest in 1992. He recently held a seat on the board of directors, with Drug Beat, only resigning to assume the responsibilities of Vice President, of the American Working Dog Association. Mike has trained numerous canines, all over the world, and is one of the very few able to certify arson K-9s, as well as, patrol, narcotics,bed bug and explosives detection. His ability to work with departments has given him a special insight into the world of drug interdiction and vehicle concealment techniques in current use on our Nations interstates and highways. Of the hundreds of K-9 teams trained at Bullocks K-9 Kennels & Training, the vast majority go on to certify with organizations such as NAPWDA, USPCA, NNDDA, AWDA. Mikes commitment for canine excellence has made him a leader in canine quality and training standards.

Brad Nodley

A US Navy Veteran with 16 years of dog training and decoying experience

Brad Nodley is a US Navy Veteran with 16 years of dog training and decoying experience. Bradley brings a passion and unique perspective to training. His decoying skill is unmatched in the industry. He has brought many police dogs to thier fullest potential. Brad uses all of his skill to train and guide the total dog. Brad believes in balance in drives to complete the dog for police applications. If your department needs a proper decoy class don't hesitate to contact us for training.

Matt Goschke

Matt is a US Army veteran. He has 13 years of training experience.

Matt started working with obedience and behavior modification dogs. He has many hands on hours of police k9 tactics and devoting techniques. Matt has a true passion for working with dogs and his skill shows in the dogs he works. Matts style and new approach training methods are unmatched.

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