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February 28, 2018
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K9 Protection Training Near Me

If you want a dog that you know is going to be safe around the children but not welcome visitors through the middle of the night then a k9 protection dog may be the answer for you. K9 protection dogs are a wonderful blend of high intelligence, playful personality, athleticism, as well as protection for your family, along with a pleasant and affectionate nature. Not only this, they also possess a ruggedly handsome look that most people love. Combine all this with the right kind of K9 protection training near me, and you will have the best-behaved and caring dog that you family would love to have at home.

K9 Protection Training Near Me

It comes naturally to a K9 protection dog to protect anyway as it is a very loyal dog and has an amazing ability to sense the mood of its owner. If an owner is fearful the K9 protection dog is immediately alert and watchful.

Once provided with proper socialization and training, K9 protection dog prove to be the best choice for the families with children. These dogs tend to thrive on the human companionship and have the ability to develop extremely close bonds with all members of the human family in which they live. However, to make this possible, it is very important for you to provide K9 protection training near me to your dog as soon as possible.

K9 protection dog enjoy protection training and it is fun and an interesting experience as this breed of dog responds in the best manner to reward based training techniques that depend on consistency, encouragement, repetition, and praise. The basic obedience training directives including sit, come, stay, down, fetch and the like are learned quite easily by them.

There are two basic drives which are usually used by dog trainers to achieve the best possible results.

Prey Drive

Prey drive is possessed naturally by most of the K9 protection training near me. For instance, when your puppy chases your tennis ball, it is due to prey drive. Actually, prey drive is the desire of your dog to capture fast moving objects. Qualified protection dog trainers try to harness this drive in order to teach the K9 protection dog to chase rags, and eventually tugs. Later on, the K9 protection dog is taught to bite the sleeve of the person wearing dog training suit. With further progress in the training, the dog is taught to respond in such a manner, only on hearing the command for the training. This helps in ensuring control and safety.

Defense Drive

All creatures are born with some kind of defense mechanism. Most dogs deal with aggressors in three ways, flight, fight, or avoidance. When it comes to K9 protection dog for protection training, the dog is taught that some people might pose a threat in certain situations and in such cases, should be dealt with using skills taught during prey drive. Essentially, the dog is taught to use the skills taught to fight against the threat when it received a command from its owner.

The confidence level of K9 protection dogs makes them so safe to be around as their confidence does not allow them to see people as threats. When this confidence is combined with high control levels through K9 protection dog for protection training, you will end up with a beloved dog that will be perfect for protecting your family against threats.

To understand this you need to understand the K9 protection training near me. The most basic training of a protection dog past it’s foundational obedience training is learning not to trust strangers. This in no way means that the protection dog is going to aggress on all strangers it meets. It does mean that the dog is always looking for that false move. The move that appears to be aggressive towards it’s protected. The problem with this for a service dog should be obvious.

K9 Protection Training Near Me

In addition, the protection dog like any weapon is expected to be handled by an adult who is trained along with the dog to for see danger and avoid it. The adult who has control of the dog and has been trained along with it should in theory be able to for see that the young man jogging towards them and speaking loudly into his phone is not a threat. He can then direct his dog elsewhere or move out of the way. The child is unlikely to for see such danger. Just like a loaded weapon, the protection dog should always be supervised by an adult.

Protection dogs have their place in society along with any other form of protection. They need to be well trained in foundational obedience and have owners who are upstanding citizens who would be the same people authorized to carry a concealed weapon. They must be responsible and extremely reliable individuals. Most protection dogs are primarily kept at home in order to protect the home and family.

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