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February 28, 2018
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Personal Protection Dog Training Near Me

Protection dog training methods or styles vary quite a bit however they may appear the same to an untrained observer. This type of training does not make a dog vicious but it often bolsters this confidence as these dogs learn the power that they have and their innate abilities. You must remember that personal protection dog training near me is an important tool and is used in most programs.


Training and working with your dog sets up rules for him to follow and opens the door to communication. These things include training a dog not to, chew things and jump on people and kill chickens. It can also include training a fox terrier not to attack other dog and training small breed dogs not to bark.


This is a serious business and is defined as personal protection dog training near me to attack. It is grossly misunderstood by the general public and it is important to remember that training is in no way a game or a sport. It is largely a matter of acting out a situation in which the agitator plays the part of the bad guy and you must play the part of his potential victim in order for the dog to understand and play out his proper role as protector. It is also about tapping into the dog’s natural drive for protection work and guiding it in the right direction.

Personal Protection Dog Training Near Me

Dogs are the number one deterrent to personal attacks. They can be a great benefit for those who are seriously interested in finding a way to make life safer. This can range from a simple alert when someone is at the door, to stopping an intruder or mugger.

This type of training is offered on a limited basis stressing reliable control for a safe family protector.

A good Protection Dog is a truly fantastic way of securing your home and for many is the single most effective form of defense against a break-in.

The first part of training is for the owner to understand the difference between a guard dog and an attack dog. Attack dogs are trained to stand guard and hold back until they received the command from their master to attack whilst guard dogs will attack if they feel threatened.

This is a common misconception made by many as the word ‘attack’ implies that the dog will attack in any conflict situation. The word guards however a far more passive one is and has no suggestion of violence or attack.

Although very similar, there are distinct differences between the training that the animal undergoes to be a guard and one which undergoes training to become an attack animal. Here we will explore some of those differences.

One of the biggest differences between guard and attack or protection dogs is with their owners and trainers. Guard animals are used by many homeowners to ensure that their property is safe when unoccupied.

Very much like an alarm system, the dog will bark if they feel there is a threat to the property. It is essential that a guard dog can recognize the difference between a potential intruder and an innocent passer-by. Again the way to prevent any accidents is to ensure you provide the best protection dog training.

Without this understanding, the animal will spend all day barking, tiring it out, annoying neighbors and creating endless false alarms. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? This is exactly the scenario that is created by a dog which has not received the correct guard training and barks at anything and everything!

Whilst guard dogs are associated with homeowners and the protection of property, attack or protection dogs are primarily used within a professional capacity by law enforcement, armed forces and security firms.

Attack dogs require a great deal more personal protection dog training near me than a guard dog. Every attack dog will have had intensive training in a whole range of disciplines. Most attack dogs are purely attack or protection dogs, and are housed, fed and worked in purpose-built training centres.

Guard dogs can be trained within the home. One way this can be achieved is by following a book or manual on protection dog training. In addition to this, dogs can also attend professionally run guard dog training courses at specialist guard dog training schools. Guard dogs can also be trained once they have reached adulthood whereas an attack animal is trained from being a puppy.


To become effective at what they do, it is essential that both guard and attack dogs are trained well in their respective discipline and from the right age you cannot underestimate the importance of the right personal protection dog training near me. Whilst both disciplines have differences, there are still some similarities, starting out with how the dog perceives and show respect for, their trainer/owner.

Regardless of their ‘type’, there is no doubt that each of the two categories of protection animal discussed within this article can be an extremely effective force against crime if the correct protection training has been implemented from puppy hood.

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