Personal Protection Dogs

For more than 20 years, Bullock’s Police K-9 has been providing elite dogs to police departments and military organizations around the world. During this time, we have successfully trained and developed dogs for a multitude of jobs. We are now providing this service to you, the individual, as a means to protect what you hold most dear: your family and home. These are not sports dogs, but rather top of the pack candidates.

We offer several custom training packages to provide you with protection and peace of mind with Personal Protection.

Basic Protection I

These dogs are five to eleven months old and are in development for future work in providing the ultimate protection of your home as they mature. They will have basic obedience traits when they arrive at your home. The cost of the Basic Protection I puppies is $9,500.00.

Basic Protection II

These more advanced dogs are twelve to sixteen months old. They have a more refined skill level and are able to act on situations that are more lifelike. These dogs have basic obedience qualities and some off-leash control. The cost for a Basic Protection II dog is $15,000.00.

Professional Protection K-9

These dogs are eighteen to thirty months old and are mature adults. They are able to guard any area of your home, including stairs and hallways. The dog will guard and defend you from a six-foot radius or right from your side, allowing you the ability to escape or do what is necessary to stay safe.

Your dog will be able to ascertain the threat level of the situation and respond accordingly. These dogs are proficient in all obedience both on and off leash. The cost for a Professional Protection K-9 is $25,000.00.

Professional Family and Estate K-9

These dogs can do everything the Professional Protection K-9 does, as well as clear any given area. He or she will also patrol and defend the family property, in addition to defending your vehicle. The cost for these dogs ranges from $35,000.00 – 50,000.00.

Custom Professional K-9

The training for these dogs is customized specifically for your unique needs. They may be trained to guard children, apprehend an intruder at a greater distance, or guard on command in multiple settings. The cost for these dogs will vary depending on needs.

For more information about our personal protection dogs for your home and family, contact us today. Also, note that additional training will be at the client’s expense.

Trained by civilian, law enforcement and military personnel to meet the exact specifications required.

We provide the highest quality working dogs to do any job required.

Our testing and dog selection is unmatched

Providing state of the art patrol, detection and tactial training

We Also Provide

  • Narcotics/Explosives Detection
  • Sport and Personal Protection
  • Tracking/Trailing Utilization
  • Patrol and Special Operation Utilization
  • Bed Bug and Arson Detection

Our certifications of Police Dogs are on a pass/fail basis.

No point will be awarded and competition/awards will be prohibited. The certification will be based on the ability to perform the tasks set forth by the procedures adopted by Bullock's K-9 Training.

If your department requires a points scale we can accommodate that into our training for you.

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