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Police Dog Training Methods

After we bring the dog to our house and have named them it is very important task to train them as well so as to enhance their attachment with our family members. The method of educating a dog to perform various deeds in response to our commands is the basic of the police dog training methods. We must train our dogs to obey us by understanding our commands properly.

There are several methods of training. Dogs may be trained to follow some commands to obey us or to be obedient. They may also perform tricks, these require more advanced training. They can also help in guiding a blind or to rescue the victims at the time of emergency. Some dogs are used in hunting purposes, herding the cattle, tracking and retrieving. There are snuff dogs used by the police departments that aid in tracing out the culprits. So whatever the nature of job the dog is involved they are trained accordingly to serve us.

Police Dog Training Methods

Dogs have innate character that makes them associated with their fellow dogs. Several domestic or pet dogs by the breed or the training achieved they can appropriately understand and react to indications given by their owners. The police dog training methods includes basic training, communication, rewards, training tricks, collars and harnesses, teething, exclusive training, guard animals or houses, service and so on.

Training a dog is not an easy task in the beginning we must find it hard to practice them regularly so that they can easily interpret our signs. We can make this method simple by rewarding them with prizes or treats for their correct interpretations and correcting them if they are wrong. It is not advisable to scold them or beat them in the initial stage of training.

We can train them by using commands like sit down, stay, close, come, go, shake hands, etc. The training process will take some time depending on the breed of the dog and the way how they understand our commands. So in training it is must that we should be patient enough to make our dogs the best in obeying our orders. Rectification of their mistakes must be handled softly because violent actions might make our dogs much aggressive or fearful and also can change their natural behavior.

The dogs must be trained in such a way they are kept hygienic by training them with proper food habits. If our dogs are trained well in table manners then we are most fortunate in this regard. It is also better to take our dogs for regular walks which enable them to socialize with the public and other dogs.

For the betterment of our dogs we can also prefer some professional training courses which are much effective compared to our own trainings. These training programs are organized by some pet stores, kennels, and some skilled trainers. So we must be cautious to train our dogs properly to make them easily socialize with our family members and others in the society and also to serve us in the most excellent manner.

Training a dog requires different methods, like humans, dogs have different temperaments depending on their breeds, and even then, some of them may be harder to train than others. While it is difficult to recommend police dog training methods, especially a single one to work for all dogs, there are various dog training methods that any dog owner can choose from. Also, there are methods that are specifically done for a specific task, which includes training a dog for guiding a blind person, for hunting, guarding, rescues, herding, police duties, and for many others. Or, you may just simply be training a dog to be an obedient and well-mannered pet.

Here are some of the better known methods that many dog owners use, and professional dog trainers as well. There are also some training programs that have evolved from these methods while some have developed a combination of the methods.

Regarded as the most effective and most utilized police dog training methods, the reward training method is a training program where a dog owner rewards a dog whenever it is able to obey or follow a command. By association, the dog learns that it is able to receive a reward, like his favorite snack or some time with a toy whenever he does a certain task associated with a command. This method should be done consistently and the reward should be immediately given after a task to ensure that the dog is able to understand that what he is doing is right.

Another dog training method that is somewhat similar to the reward method is the clicker method. Instead of a treat, a positive message is used as reinforcement for a good action by your dog. To deliver this message, the owner or trainer uses a clicker to let the dog know that what he did was right.

There are numerous other police dog training methods available out there, but these three are the most utilized and most effective. To help you determine which method would work best for you is to first understand your dog. Learn how to properly communicate with your dog and understand its body language. Take the time to do is and invest some more for your dog training. The benefits are boundless and you will be very glad that you did.

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