Explosives Certification Test

  1. There will be a total of three types of searches conducted: A. Vehicle Searches B. Building or Residential Search C. Parcel Search
  2. The searches may include any or all of the following explosive odors:
    • A). TNT
    • B). C-4
    • C). Smokeless Powder
    • D). Water gel
    • E). Commercial Dynamite (Nitrate and Ammonia Based)
    • F). Detonation Cord
    • G). Sodium Chlorate
    • H). Potassium Chlorate
    • I). Black Powder
    • J). Flex X
    • H). PETN
    • I). RDX
    • K). Peroxide Based Explosive (optional)
  3. The explosives will be hidden in practical areas and allowed to age thirty(30) minutes prior to the first team’s test. For Explosives Certification Test purposes weights will be no more than twenty (20) grams and no more than one (1) pound of any substance used.

Explosives Certification Test To The Evaluators

  1. During the test, only the handler/dog team and the evaluators will be allowed in the test area.
  2. In each of these searches, enticement articles such as balls, food, spoiled clothing, plastic baggies etc. will be used to thoroughly test the dog's ability.
  3. The dog must make the alert obvious to the evaluators and as close to the hides as possible.
  4. There will be a total of twenty (20) possible indications during this test. The dog must be able to locate at least nineteen (19) of the twenty odors.
  5. One false alert and/or any aggressive response will be evaluated as a failure to locate and will result in the failure of the entire explosive detection certification for that team. The k9 is allowed one missed odor per test. Any two (2) missed odors will result in a failure of the entire explosive certification.
  6. Each of the dog teams will have separate sets of vehicles, rooms, and parcels for the explosive detection certification, when possible.

Trained by civilian, law enforcement and military personnel to meet the exact specifications required.

We provide the highest quality working dogs to do any job required.

Our testing and dog selection is unmatched

Providing state of the art patrol, detection and tactial training

We Also Provide

  • Narcotics/Explosives Detection
  • Sport and Personal Protection
  • Tracking/Trailing Utilization
  • Patrol and Special Operation Utilization
  • Bed Bug and Arson Detection

Our certifications of Police Dogs are on a pass/fail basis.

No point will be awarded and competition/awards will be prohibited. The certification will be based on the ability to perform the tasks set forth by the procedures adopted by Bullock's K-9 Training.

If your department requires a points scale we can accommodate that into our training for you.

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