Owning a family pet should be an added pleasure to your family, not an annoyance and chore. We have developed in our 35 years of experience in the training industry, a board & train to resolve problems and teach basic obedience commands, to return to you a better canine partner. In our board & train we evaluate your pets’ strengths and weaknesses, and custom build a training program for behavioral modification and obedience training.

During the process your pet will be exposed to many new training concepts, socialization and distraction training. Upon the completion of their training we will have a private class designed to show you what your pet can now accomplish and then educating you on how to read your animals behaviors properly, to maintain your pet at the same level at home


This is an option offered to individuals who have the ability to do the daily training work with their dog. Individual private classes for weekly evaluations and further instruction for both the owner and canine. Contact us directly to discuss an evaluation and very competitive training quote based on yours and your pets needs.

Trained by civilian, law enforcement and military personnel to meet the exact specifications required.

We provide the highest quality working dogs to do any job required.

Our testing and dog selection is unmatched

Providing state of the art patrol, detection and tactial training

We Also Provide

  • Narcotics/Explosives Detection
  • Sport and Personal Protection
  • Tracking/Trailing Utilization
  • Patrol and Special Operation Utilization
  • Bed Bug and Arson Detection

Our certifications of Police Dogs are on a pass/fail basis.

No point will be awarded and competition/awards will be prohibited. The certification will be based on the ability to perform the tasks set forth by the procedures adopted by Bullock's K-9 Training.

If your department requires a points scale we can accommodate that into our training for you.

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