Tracking Certification Standards

Bullock’s K-9 Kennels objective is to ensure that Police Dog Teams throughout the United States and in the state of North Carolina are properly trained in order to protect lives and property of the citizens of the United States to Tracking Certification Standards.

Our Standards

Bullock’s K-9 Kennels follows the same strict standards and guidelines for training canines as American Working Dog Association.

To provide a standard in which all trained police dogs must maintain in the performance of their duties. We want to ensure that the handlers in the state have adequate knowledge of the laws regarding the use of canines.

Our goal is to prevent malicious use of partially untrained Police Dogs within law enforcement agencies in the state.

Tracking Certifications

Providing Re-certification on a timely basis in order to maintain the integrity and credibility of Police Dog Teams. All Police Dogs must be certified in the specific areas in which they are trained. The following certifications will be given by Bullocks’ K-9 Kennels.

  • Narcotic Detection
  • Explosives Detection
  • Tracking/Trailing
  • Patrol Utilization

These certifications of the Police Dogs are on a pass/fail basis. No points will be awarded and competition/awards will be prohibited. The certification will be based on the ability to perform the tasks set forth by the procedures adopted by Bullock’s K-9 Kennels. The canine and his current handler shall conduct all certifications. The certification shall be valid for one year, and re-certification will be given on a timely basis.

  1. The purpose of this certification is to determine the dog’s ability to locate a suspected criminal or a lost person.
  2. The track will consist of a minimum of three – (3) and a maximum of (5) of the following terrains:
    • Field
    • Gravel
    • Leaves
    • Creek Bed
    • Dirt
    • Concrete
    • Woods
    • Asphalt
    • High Grass
  3. The track will be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes and a maximum of one -hour old.
  4. The track will be a minimum length of three hundred (300) yards and a maximum length of five – (500) hundred yards.
  5. There will be a one scent article placed on the track (dog team will not be penalized for failure to locate the article.
  6. The tracking will be given a starting point and the direction of travel by the evaluators.
  7. There will be one cross-track laid. This person will remain in the area of the actual track but must remain at a minimum distance of two hundred (200) yards from the actual track -layer. This cross track may be laid in prior to, or after, the actual track.
  8. There will be a twenty (20) minute time limit to complete the track.
  9. The team will successfully pass this certification by locating the actual track-layer.
  10. If it is obvious to the evaluators if the dog is not tracking/trailing the evaluators may stop the test at anytime.

Trained by civilian, law enforcement and military personnel to meet the exact specifications required.

We provide the highest quality working dogs to do any job required.

Our testing and dog selection is unmatched

Providing state of the art patrol, detection and tactial training

We Also Provide

  • Narcotics/Explosives Detection
  • Sport and Personal Protection
  • Tracking/Trailing Utilization
  • Patrol and Special Operation Utilization
  • Bed Bug and Arson Detection

Our certifications of Police Dogs are on a pass/fail basis.

No point will be awarded and competition/awards will be prohibited. The certification will be based on the ability to perform the tasks set forth by the procedures adopted by Bullock's K-9 Training.

If your department requires a points scale we can accommodate that into our training for you.

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