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Detection K9
Explosives Detection K9
Detection K9 in Training
Arson Detection K9

Detection Services

Narcotics K9 and Handler

Narcotics Detection:

Narcotic detection dogs are trained to detect the presence of controlled substances such as cocaine and heroin. These dogs are trained to find these substances in various locations such as vehicles, luggage, mail packages, cargo, residence and businesses.

Explosives Detection:

Risks from explosives have become more familiar in today's society, making it even more important to have better prevention and detection measures. Bullock's Explosives Detection Program develops a highly trained detailed oriented canine who is capable of becoming that necessary tool.

Narcotics Detection Handler and Training
Bed Bug Detection K9

Bed Bug Detection:

Bed bug dogs have become an indispensable part of modern pest control, offering greater accuracy and efficiency at finding bed bugs compared to human inspectors. We take great care in training our bed bug sniffing dogs, as well as providing expert level training to their handlers.

Gun Detection

In these modern times, mass casualty shootings are unfortunately occurring more often. Here at Bullock's K9 we train canine teams to detect and find firearms and ammunition (both live and expended) concealed in various locations to assist in gun free areas.

Gun Detection K9 Zeus
Arson Detection K9 Jedi

Accelerant Detection:

Accelerant (Ignitable Fluid) Detection canines are trained to locate the residual scents of flammable substances, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, lamp oil, paint thinner, kerosene and other flammable liquids, that are often used as accelerants in cases of arson. We help prepare your dog to pass the five (5) phases of the certification requirements.

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