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Tracking K9
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Search and Rescue

Training a search and rescue dog is a process that takes time. There are no benefits for sending your dog away for training, although they can be started that way. Instead, SAR dogs are trained to work as a team with their owner. Which means we train you together. It takes a team to train a dog, and a mentor is absolutely necessary to assist you on your journey. This means you also must meet the requirements for being a searcher. You must find a local Search and Rescue team and volunteer. Expect to spend a lot of time training and working with your dog more than one day a week.

Tracking K9

Wilderness Tracking:

Our wilderness tracking package is developed to teach the skills necessary to follow a significantly aged trail a distance through various distractions, over a variety of terrain to locate a single subject.

Human Remains Detection:

Our HRD Package trains canines to search for, accurately locate, and indicate various scent sources of human remains, both above and below ground in wilderness environments.

Cadaver Search and Rescue
Area Search K9

Wilderness Area Search:

Our wilderness area search package teaches a canine team to utilize the wind by way of air scenting, to search for and locate a specific person within a defined search area.

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