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K9 Handler Bane and K9

Police K9 Training and Certifications

We here at Bullock's offer significant Police K9 Training that will prepare you to pass any national certification you may need. The training regime consists of the strict standards set by the American Working Dog Association.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Narcotics/Explosives Detection

  • Tracking/Trailing

  • Evidence Recovery (Article Search)

  • Patrol Utilization 

Narcotics Detection:

Narcotics detection dogs are trained to detect the presence of controlled substances such as cocaine and heroin. They can be taught passive or aggressive alerts.

Other detector dogs (such as explosives, cadaver, arson, etc.) are trained in the following as well.

There are 3 types of searches that will be taught:

  • Vehicle Search

  • Building or Residential Search

  • Parcel Search

Narcotics Sear K9 and Handler
Training School Tracking K9


Bullock's ensures that each K9 team will be able to track proficiently in real world situations. Teams will be expected to complete the standards set forth by the American Working Dog Association.


At the conclusion of the Handlers Course, the K9 Team will be able to successfully locate a suspected criminal or missing person.

Tracking Expectations:

  • Success across multiple terrains

  • Track aged a minimum of 30 minutes

  • Minimum track of 300 yards

  • Main track completed (with cross track present)

Evidence Recovery (Article Search):

Area Search is a vital part of evidence recovery. There's a wide range of terrains that will be covered and multiple places that searches will be conducted including:

  • Woods

  • Fenced Vehicle Compounds

  • Business Parks

  • Neighborhoods

Successful completion of the course entails the K9 Team must be able to locate the item in an open environment in a maximum of 15 minutes.

K9 Lodi Indicating
K9 Loki and Handler Decoy Work

Patrol Utilization:

The 6 main areas of a successful K9 Team are the following:

  1. Obedience/Control

  2. Evidence Search

  3. Area Search

  4. Building Search

  5. Vehicle Stops

  6. Criminal Apprehension

At Bullock's, we ensure quality K9's and adequate training to prepare any K9 Handler and their partner are ready to hit the streets. Whether it's a common vehicle stop, or criminal/suspect apprehension, each team is prepared for real world scenarios based on their graduation from our Police K9 Academy.

For more information on our Police Canine Academy 

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