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Mike Bullock Owner

Mike Bullock

Owner/Master Trainer





1308 Mumford Rd.

Greenville, NC 27834

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A Bit About Mike

Mike Bullock began training field trial hunting dogs with his grandfather at the age of nine.  He joined the US Air Force in 1984 and started working K-9s at Lackland Air Force Base and then later went to March AFB where he further honed his techniques and knowledge.  This gave him the opportunity to work and train with some of Europe's finest KNPV and Schutzhund trainers.  He opened his own DEA registered kennel in Greenville, NC in 1989.  Mike has trained many canines all over the world and is one of the few able to certify arson K-9s as well as patrol, narcotics and explosives detection.  In many states, Mike is a recognized court expert in police K-9 tactics and training.


In 2013 Mike was the lead instructor With MARSOC Special Forces. He led the training and instruction for Special Forces Marines as well as all dog procurement and training.  Instruction covered IED explosives detection and tactical movements as well as tactical road clearing. Mike insight into today’s real world solutions are visionary.


Mike has a personal passion for drug interdiction and the techniques involved in making outstanding interstate and highway K-9 teams.  He is currently the National Director of the American Working Dog Association. He has held offices as high as the President of the organization as well.

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Highlights and Accomplishments

Bullocks K9 Operations

Certifications and Awards

Bullocks K9 Kennels has been owned and operated by Mike Bullock for almost 35 years. His years of experience and his natural ability to understand canines and how they work makes him a very knowledgeable trainer.

  • National Director of the American Working Dog Association.

  • Diamond Sponsor for the 2014 National Interdictions Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Certified by the State of North Carolina Private Protective Services Board.

  • Successfully trained hundreds of Police K9's for departments all over the U.S.

Training and Knowledge Carried On

Mike has maintained a Federal DEA License and North Carolina License for over 23 years. He not only trains K9's, but their Handlers, and rising trainers as well, to carry on the Bullocks legacy for years to come. 

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